Introducing covid sneeze guards for kids and schools

COVID sneeze guards for kids and schools Covid Sneeze guards for kids and schools Back to school is going to be a scary time for kids and parents, which is why we’re introducing Covid sneeze guards for kids and schools. We’ve designed playful looking...

Outdoor Restaurant Walls

Let Our Outdoor Restaurant Walls do Your Social Distancing Work Our outdoor restaurant walls were developed so you can run your restuarant and let the walls take care of keeping patrons safely socially distant. Can walls do that? Yes they can – here’s how:...

Curves baby!

Curves Baby! Make waves with your walls Add the unexpected Curved walls provide “S” curves in spatial design, and wow does it make a difference! You’re sure to please with these amazing curves. Create wave patterns, circles, rounded 90º corners, or...

Pareti offers financing

Pareti Mobile Walls, LLC now offers financing for purchases over $2,000. Find out how to apply today!

Hang items on portable walls

You can do more with our portable walls – like hang heavier things! Our portable walls allow you to hang items like small shelving, flat screen televisions, small cases and more. It’s easy with our intuitive system! Call 866-339-1009